Busy mumma!!

I have been crazy busy for the last few months!! Haven’t had anytime for my blog. Definitely going to start getting back into updating strangers about my life.

I’m 34 1/2 weeks pregnant and my two boys are keeping me very busy during the summer holidays!! As you can imagine I have been spending the last few weeks preparing for my new arrival. ♡

I will write all about it very soon.

M x


Things to know about pregnancy ♡

I know. I know. Just another one of those posts pointing out the obvious things about pregnancy BUT sometimes people don’t tell you everything!
During my first pregnancy I didn’t know a single thing and definitely wasn’t prepared for what was to come.
Even if this helps only one mum-to-be I will be glad I posted it!!

First things first; The First Trimester 1-12 weeks.

Some people are lucky and don’t have any of the symptoms. (I envy them.)
While others will probably have THE roughest few weeks imaginable!!
As soon as you find out you’re pregnant you will need to start taking your pregnancy supplements. (Folic acid and omega 3)

You might start feeling sick before you even realise you’re pregnant.
I had two pregnancies with severe sickness and it doesn’t necessarily stop after 12 weeks!
It’s not always just nausea either. Some people will actually be physically sick throughout the day.

You might be offered a dating scan when you find out if you don’t know the dates etc.
Best to wait until a few weeks after you tested positive. Just so you can definitely see the baby. (Before 6 weeks you might only be able to see the sac and no baby, doesn’t necessarily there isn’t one!)
Also, don’t expect it to look like a baby. At this stage it will only look like a teeny tiny little peanut!!
With a tiny little flicker which is the heartbeat!

Now cramping, it’s actually very common. It’s your body preparing and stretching away while your little baby grows.
Obviously if the cramping is severe and accompanied with bleeding then you will need to see a doctor asap.
Spotting can be common around the time of your missed period but any excessive bleeding at all during pregnancy will need to be checked.
Just to be on the safe side. Also, don’t worry about bothering your midwife. It’s her job to help you.

Food aversions can be more severe than you think.
I couldn’t be near certain foods without being sick!!
Even foods I used to love before becoming pregnant.

Your boobs will GROW. Even from this stage.
I always had tiny boobs until I become pregnant and then im suddenly struggling to get them into tops!!
You will need to get fitted (possibly more than once) during your pregnancy.

You might need to pop to the loo a thousand times more than you would think.
Even through the night.
Probably best to avoid drinking lots before bed unless you want to be doing laps to the loo in the night.

You should avoid caffeine but can drink two cups of tea or coffee a day.
I switched to decaff which is a lot better during pregnancy.
No alcohol either.
Don’t listen to people who say ‘You can have a glass of wine a week. Totally fine. I drank through my whole pregnancy and my baby turned out fine’.

It is not ok. People are told to avoid it for a reason! If you can avoid it then you should.
It could potentially harm your baby so leave the wine to collect dust for a few more months!!

Smoking. It’s a big no no during pregnancy. If you feel like you need help quitting, your midwife will help you get all the help you need.
You don’t want to be passing all those nasty chemicals to your baby.
Don’t make up excuses either. It’s bad for you when you’re not pregnant so imagine the damage when you’re growing your foetus.

Heartburn! A lot of my mummy friends have complained about this!!
It’s more than just a burning sensation for some. I had it with my first and I usually spent the night crying in pain!! No amount of milk, yoghurt, peptac, rennies or gaviscon helped!
If you get it try to stay sitting upright and avoid certain foods.

Some people will need to get maternity clothes as soon as they find out they are pregnant.
I got bloated before I even found out I was pregnant!
If it is not your first you are more likely to start showing sooner!!
I tried to squeeze into my jeans but ended up popping the button off and crying.
That reminds me…

You will have your hormones at their craziest during pregnancy and you will go from being happy to crying uncontrollably to being angrier than godzilla.
Explain to your partner (if you have one) to be prepared to have you at your craziest.
I had an incident, while pregnant with Reuben, where I was at a Pizza Hut with my sister, my son and our friend.
Casually laughing away then out of nowhere hysterically crying my eyes out!!
I couldn’t even control myself!! It was very embarrassing.

Be prepared to have pain when you sneeze and cough etc..
Thanks again to the stretching you might find yourself suddenly grasping just below your stomach.
Completely normal!

You might want to spend as much time sleeping on your stomach as possible too.
You will definitely miss it when you get bigger!! You won’t be able to sleep on your back either. Sleep will get VERY uncomfortable for you!

I know im just ranting about the obvious but it helps to be prepared.
Me and my mummy friends have been through all of these and wanted to share!!

If I forgot any, please feel free to add more in comments.
I will be doing second trimester tomorrow!!
Please add things you wish you knew about the second trimester and what things helped?
I will add them to my post tomorrow 🙂

Sorry if it was long and boring!

M x

My Pregnancy So Far. 16 Weeks ♡


Even with a third pregnancy it all seems too surreal. I can honestly say I dont feel pregnant! I feel like I need constant reassurance to know bump is ok!
I had a rough start. Severe morning sickness, trips to hospitals, extra scans and concerns with the ultrasound.
Even with the confirmation bump is absolutely healthy it’s just hard to believe that after two beautiful, healthy kids I could possible have that luck again.
I’m not looking forward to getting bigger.
I think the novelty wears off after the second pregnancy.

Anywho, on a positive note!
I will be having a private sexing scan in the next few weeks. For some extra bonding time!
Hoping so much to be having a little girl.

I had a scan at 7 weeks and got to see my little peanut. I was so amazed as so many doctors told me I was going to lose the baby.
I was certain my scan would show nothing. No sac and no baby.
But there it was. This tiny little bean with an even tinier heartbeat.
I instantly fell in love.


I had another scan a week later due to a dark spot on my right ovary. They never really knew what it was but put it down to an ovarian cyst. Can’t complain about seeing my little peanut again though!!

After many long weeks of sickness my 12 week scan finally arrived. It was probably the most humiliating day in a very long time. I had to get a taxi to the hospital and go in on my own. Having the various nurses and my consultant ask where the father was had me close to tears.
It’sthe worst feeling, telling people that he left you on Mother’s day. They all just looked at me and felt sorry for me.
Never again will I go through that.
I managed to get through the day once I saw my little blessing, kicking away.
Unfortunately in a very VERY awkward position!
Peanut had its back to the sonographer!
This crazy woman rolled me on my side and actually shook me!!!!
I was in shock! I honestly didnt know how to react. She said it was to make the baby move but im certain she could of been a bit more subtle about it!
I only got one scan photo, she never asked how many I wanted and she didnt even try to get one with little beans legs or arms.
But im just glad to have a photo- 🙂


Im hoping my next scan photos will be significantly clearer and I very much hope I will know if its a pink or blue.
I will be sure to keep you updated!

Tell me about your experience.
Was it anything like you expected?
Did you have a crazy sonographer too?

I’d love to hear your stories. 🙂

M x

Easter with the kids ♡


Spending the day at home with the kids in our pj’s, eating chocolate and watching movies.
That’s perfect to me.
While the family had taken a trip down to Devon for the day, we were at home being lazy.
No roast or hunts. Just time with the kids.

Unfortunately Reuben has been teething, so he has been unbelievably clingy!

Dylan on the other hand, has been gaining his independence. Unfortunately that also comes with him trying to ‘help’ with Roo.
Which almost always ended up with Roo crying.

His easter chocolate kept him quiet for a little while though. 🙂


The pregnancy sickness came back today, which definitely was not fun!
But I do get excited knowing that next Easter I will have three beautiful kids.

What was everyone else doing today?

Anything fun with the kids or just a day in like us?

M x

My first post! Eee! :)

I’m very new to this but always wanted to blog about my beautiful family and everything that comes with being a young, single mum 200 miles away from my old life. Currently 15 weeks pregnant with my third little blessing. Another pregnancy to go through on my own but I know I can do it.
So, I apologise beforehand if my posts aren’t great to begin with, again, completely new to this.
Im Mia, i’m 20 years old, originally from Devon, I currently live in Cheltenham and my boys are my world.

    Reuben & Dylan


Not entirely sure where this is going but its a start! 🙂 I hope to get better at this soon!!
(Any tips on how to improve text would be helpful too..)

M x